Processes And Technologies

The Bio-Refinery is a highly engineered, highly efficient and complex linear system. Consisting of multiple aerobic processing, followed by multi-phase anaerobic processing and returning to an aerobic environment.

A typical plant can consist of up to 22 individual 35 cubic metre tanks, each working in series (one after the other) with different processing conditions and controlled remotely through a Bosch electronics platform. 

Pre-treatment processes are all designed and manufactured in our manufacturing centre and include:

Pressure release technology

A process by which 6m³ of feedstock is taken to 3.5 bar pressure and released into a 35m³ specially built tank. Here the cells within the feedstock, 'explode' releasing bound water, sugars etc. The processing tanks can additionally be heated to 133°C to enable CAT2 feedstock to be sterilised at the same time (see Heat Treatment) 


Designed to heat treat CAT 3 feedstock.

In pre-treatment processing, this enables naturally occurring enzymes in the feedstock to be denatured to control acidity and additionally all heat is recovered which reduces parasitic energy losses.

In post-treatment, a number of proprietary processes enable low temperature pasteurisation using hot air injection whilst promoting COD reduction.  

Chemical Hydrolysis, Thermal Hydrolysis and Enzymology

These technologies are all incorporated within the Bio-Refinery to increase the eventual biogas yields and minimise Hydraulic Retention Time and therefore the Plant footprint.

Lab For Tech ProcessesFeedstock is analysed at our laboratories for its energy value and the biochemical and mechanical processes needed to pre-process the material. (much like the mouth, stomach and intestines in a human body, a cow, a dog, a fish etc. that have evolved over millions of years to adapt to the food they process). Following analysis H2 Energy have a number of laboratory based pilot plants and two larger field research plants (costing over £1million) that provide ongoing development feedback from 24 x 7 Bosch SCADA monitoring technology downloading hundreds of data files every minute.

Every plant is operated remotely by a team of engineers monitoring each Bio-Refinery, round the clock. 

From the resulting data and testing of feedstock our design engineers will determine the process design criteria that will be designed and built at our manufacturing centre.  

Products and / or energy generation from The Bio-Refinery is determined in close consultation with the Client including the best use of electricity and thermal interconnection. 

 Processes And Technologies

All the above enables 'The Bio-Refinery' to completely breakdown and process most food waste and animal by-product feedstock in days.