Heat Treatment Processes

Heat Treatment Processes

Animal By-Products Heat Treatment 


The BRF skid system caters for the pasteurisation of any required feedstock. This is also a pre-requisite to treating food waste in a Bio-Refinery, as well as ensuring that the digestate produced can be certified under PAS 110.

The BRF Pasteurisation system will process CAT 3 waste streams for one hour at 70°C, with a capacity up to 30 tonnes of feedstock / day.

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Sterilisation by-Pressure

The SPB System was designed and developed due to client demand.

Built on the BRF (20 foot) skid system the SBP process complies with Animal by Product regulations for the treatment of Category 2 & 3 waste.

Tank Rolling

Three designs are manufactured at our factory:

  1. The process can be specified to enable its connection into an existing factory location, where electricity, air and steam can be provided.
  2. The system can be manufactured with independent energy supply. Heat is provided via a patented independent oil system, with compressor and generator. This is of particular advantage for supply to the poultry, hatchery and abattoir markets where the CAT 2 waste can be processed on-site saving clients substantial monies in waste handling costs.
  3. An additional design is provided when high percentages of egg shell are present to minimise pump and system damage.

Here material is transported under pressure and vacuum processes.

The design, operation and HAZOP studies have been conducted in close association with the Animal Health & Veterinary Laboratories Agency (State Vets) and the UK Environmental Agency.

There are several methods of processing CAT 2 waste. The method that has been adopted by H2 Energy is the Method 1 – Pressure Sterilisation and certified to:

Regulation: COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 142/2011 of 25 February 2011 implementing Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down health rules as regards animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption