H2 Energy is a Bio-Engineering Company from which hydrogen based renewable energy is our core specialisation.  Our Research, Design and Development teams work at the forefront of Bio-Innovation and Technology. 

The Company prides itself in being a British, high value precision engineering manufacturer with the client experience driven from a dedicated team of commercial managers, project engineers and compliance specialists.

Our technologies are disruptive and focus towards converting the locked in energy in food waste and animal by-products into reusable electricity, heat and other added value by-products.

H2 Energy offers its clients; to fully fund, install and operate a Bio-Refinery on the customer's site(s), and share the long-term benefits that result from the generation of such energy.

 Our on-site embedded projects convert waste into renewable energy where it is produced, providing our customers long term benefits: 

  • Immediate elimination of waste costs
  • Long term reduced electricity costs
  • Long term reduced thermal costs
  • Revenue from: renewable incentives; FIT's; RHI's
  • Carbon offsets
  • Long term planning against waste and energy security
  • Elimination of waste transfer management and transport costs
  • On-site stand-by generation