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H2 Energy Launch 2 NEW Processing Technologies

By Admin in Projects 30 April 2015

We are pleased to announce that Planning Consent has been granted for another project to process Poultry Waste.

The £9 million project for 2 Sisters Food Group at their Flixton Site in Suffolk, will process CAT2 and CAT 3 waste streams

The project, in its advanced stages of manufacture will generate over 15,000 MW of power / year in electricity, processing steam and hot water and provide over 60% of the sites total energy consumption.


Firstly; the process will combine our Patented ‘STERILISATION BY PRESSURE’ system processing feedstock to 6 bar pressure so as to generate complete CELL RUPTURE, CELL LYSIS AND PATHOGEN KILL.

Secondly; the process will incorporate Nanofiltration Technology and Reverse Osmosis to convert the final process digestate to be used for site wash down water.

The Project provides a complete closed loop sustainable solution for the Flixton Factory, eliminating the removal and costly processing of CAT 2 & CAT 3 waste.

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