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Carlisle Chp

CHP Commissioned at Carlisle Bio-Refinery

By Admin in Projects 14 January 2016

The GE Jenbacher gas engine supplied and executed by Clarke Energy was commissioned today on Biogas generated by the H2 Energy Bio-Refinery. The 499 kWₑ engine that works in a combined heat and power configuration (CHP) converts biogas into electricity and heat to be utilised on site.

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Sandycroft Inflated

H2 Energy Installs Bio-Refinery for waste Animal By-Products & Blood

By Admin in Projects 06 October 2014

H2 Energy have installed a new multi stage Bio-Refinery research unit costing £450,000; specifically designed and developed to operate on 100% animal by-products and blood waste. The Bio-Refinery will initially process CAT3 poultry blood, with the second phase processing CAT 2 'fallen stock' through a sterilisation by pressure process developed and manufactured at the Company's Liverpool Factory.

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