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New Bio-Refinery Tanks

By Admin in Development 20 August 2014

H2 Energy's Liverpool factory has taken delivery of the first 7 new processing tanks. A total number of 16 tanks will be installed for a major UK Food Group, converting 20 tonnes per day of food waste into electricity and processing steam. Each tank is manufactured in high temperature HDPE to a copyrighted design with bunded double walls.

Carlisle Tanks

The hollow mid-section is operated with a vacuum, acting as a giant thermos flask to minimise heat loss and save on insulation costs. Each tanks is CFD modelled and harbours a centrally controlled internal gas mixing system with internal weirs and baffle systems to manage the flow of material through the process. With a 60 year life span, the modular structures can be stacked 4 high or side-by-side with each stack processing 5 tonnes per day. The Bio-Refinery can be designed for on-site projects of 1-30 tonnes of waste per day.



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