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2 Sisters Food Group Bio-Refining Agreement

By Admin in Development 11 August 2014

H2 Energy are pleased to announce the signing of a contract with a major UK and European food company supplying products to the retail, food service and food manufacturing sectors to be revealed at an event held In November for the design, build, financing, installation and operation of its Bio-Refineries throughout their UK factories.

The first Phase, valued at £45 million, will see the construction of 10 Bio-Refineries financed by H2 Energy and the formation of 10 independent operating Energy Companies.

Each Bio-Refinery will be installed as part of a strategy to provide ‘on-site embedded renewable energy generation’ from waste and animal by-products produced at each factory , delivering electricity and thermal energy back into each factory.

Projects will vary from processing waste from ready meals and bakery production to Category 2 & 3 poultry and hatchery waste.

When all 10 projects are fully commissioned Phase 1 is projected to deliver up to 40,000 MWh of electricity and 70,000 MWh of thermal energy into The Food Group per annum.

It is estimated that Phase 1 will be completed by December 2015.

Bill Shotton, CEO of H2 Energy comments: “we are absolutely delighted with the Partnership on embedded generation and the benefits is brings to both Company’s”.

These projects not only provide significant savings in energy and waste management costs  by processing the waste where it is produced, but environmentally, support the drive towards a lower carbon footprint, zero waste to landfill and delivering the organisations  sustainability aspirations.

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