H2 Who?

About Us

H2 Energy is a research and development driven, Precision Engineering Manufacturer and Project Management Company. Our technologies are disruptive with global ramifications.

The Company specialises in 'advanced conversion technologies;' processing organic waste material and animal by-products (CAT 2&3) from food production waste into hydrogen based renewable energy together with other high value chemicals and hydrocarbons.    

H2e Shopfloor 1261Feedstock is pre-processed using ‘High Temperature Volumetric Microwave Cell-Rupture’ (HT/VMC), to breakdown cellular structures (cell lysis) releasing their chemical make-up.

The resulting sterilised super liquid, rich in valuable energy and chemicals, feeds a proprietary multi-phase Bio-Refining process.


The Bio-Refining system creates multiple fractions with complex flow characteristics, each housing differing enhanced microbial ecosystems to maximise process efficiency. Resulting biogas production from the process is cleaned through a water wash system to supply combined heat and power units (CHP).

 The efficiency of the proprietary process enables bio-refineries to be built with a small footprint on food production sites, or in close proximity to where the organic waste is produced. 

From CHP power generation, the resulting electrical and thermal energy production is then used to support, or in many cases create energy independence from what was once a costly waste disposal process.

High Temperature / Low Temperature: Volumetric Microwave Cell-Rupture (HT: LT/VMC)

The multiple processes and fractions within the H2 Energy Bio-Refining technology enables some complex feedstock such as cellulosic materials and lignin to be broken down into simple sugars. [This technology can be supplied separately into the food and agricultural industries and benefit processes such as anaerobic digestion to increase biogas yields].

 Additionally, the benefits of VMC can process such materials as rigid proteins (poultry feathers) to feather protein and vegetation, rich in minerals and oils to yield high value by-products such as aromatic hydrocarbons.


 Our World

One of the most challenging issues facing mankind is our depleting energy resources and the mountains of waste created by an ever-increasing global population. The burning and landfill of waste is sometimes the only solution, but we can no longer keep putting sticking plasters on the issues of waste and hope they go away.

The handling and processing costs of organic waste and ever increasing legislative boundaries restricting landfill, are generating increased cost and challenges for many industries and communities.

In many instances the energy contained within organic waste is substantial and H2 Energy provide a solution that is site-based for industries such as: food processing, fast-food outlets, supermarkets, housing estates, remote communities, fish farms, hotels, hospitals etc. A Bio-Refinery only requires the smallest of footprints due to the efficiency of the process allowing us to offer the first true onsite solution. The resulting energies produced can be converted back into electricity, heat or fuel gas, making a contribution to the challenges that face our growing population in both developed and emerging world markets. 


Our People

Our business is equally about people, our greatest asset. We want our people to thrive at H2 Energy and we are committed to their professional and personal development. Our goal is to maximize individual potential, increase commercial effectiveness, reinforce the firm’s culture, expand our people’s professional opportunities and help them generate long-term value for our stakeholders and contribute to the broader public.